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netBI - The Leading Business Intelligence Solution for the Transit Industry

netBI is a comprehensive Secure Business Ready Business Intelligence Solution designed and developed specifically for the transit industry and is currently in use by 5 Regulators and 47 Transit Service Providers (Operators). netBI is a unique business intelligence 'solution' that turns massive volumes of data into meaningful operational and management information for optimal transit performance. netBI uncovers opportunities of operational improvements and greater efficiencies normally hidden within rich data sources, providing the missing link between operational systems information and management reporting.

The netBI solution is accessed via a comprehensive suite of business intelligence tools comprising Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), balanced-scorecard/dashboard/portal, standard reports, spatial analysis, and alerts. An Activity Based Costing (ABC) engine provides the capabilities to allocate revenue and expenditure to process activities to allow both micro and macro analysis of the business.

netBI is a multi-tenanted solution with flexible delivery models designed to drastically reduce the costs, timeframe, resource requirements and risks associated with the traditional approach of delivering data warehouse and business intelligence projects.

netBI covers the major business facets for the local and international transit sectors for both operators and regulators.

  • Ticketing Analysis
  • Trip Analysis & Profitability
  • On Time Running
  • Stop Utilisation
  • Service Performance
  • Service (Network) Planning
  • Origin/Destination Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Revenue Protection
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Vehicle Location
  • Customer Service
  • Incidents/Accidents/Breakdowns
  • Finance
  • HR / Payroll
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Fuelling
  • Fleet Maintenance & Utilisation
  • Charters
  • Procurement

Use netBI to:

  • Leverage important, valuable data to pinpoint specific issues that hinder optimal transit performance (Eg. Vehicle maintenance and safety issues, cost and service performance)
  • Produce reports within seconds to meet specific management financial and regulatory requirements (Eg. Costs per hour, cost per passenger, passengers per hour, farebox recovery, missed trips / pickups, late pullouts, incidents, accidents, customer feedback, on-time performance, driver and equipment availability)
  • Improve the accuracy of management information and empower users to create, manage and distribute their own reports
  • Eliminate 'stove-piped' analysis across departments and divisions, while reducing the time and resources spent compiling and validating reports and maintaining spreadsheets.

The unique combination of our mature, transit specific solution with our industry expertise, knowledge management and technical skills are the key differentiators we provide to each of our clients.

netBI delivers a comprehensive business intelligence solution that satisfies the diverse reporting requirements for all users from senior management to operational resources. The netBI solution consists of balanced scorecards, dashboards, online analytical processing (OLAP), standard and ad-hoc reports, spatial analysis, data exports, and alerts.

Our Solution